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A breif thought on belief
Call me crazy, but I've never really felt it is my job to tell anyone how much better their life would be if they believed the same way I do. And I've certainly never felt that I am so knowledgeable about how god intends us to live, that I should act as his judge.

We are privileged to live in a place where we can share our opinions, thoughts, and beliefs freely. Disagreements are bound to pop up between us all, but the unwavering belief that should bind us is in the firm fact that we all have the right to state our beliefs without persecution from any party. But too frequently conversations of the religious or political nature turn into hostile expressions and accusations of “disbelief.” The end result is usually the same: a bitter argument.

Religion and politics are two deeply personal subjects. They are stances which should not be taken lightly. I hope that our parents would respect us enough as intelligible people, who are completely capable of responsibly making up our own minds. And though we do not agree on many issues we can come to the understanding that our beliefs are our own.

It’s hard to say how I got here. I don’t claim to know one way or the other. But I assure you and any other doubters that I am happy to be here. Regardless of how I came to be. No prayers, wishes, or request are necessary on my behalf. I have a wonderful and loving husband, a great and recently extended family. I couldn’t ask for a better one. Beautiful and thoughtful friends. A job, in this unstable economy. And an amazing existence which I am thankful for…to whatever powers or circumstances are responsible. We are all truly blessed to be here.

True and unyielding belief is something that no one can lead anyone to. It has to come to you personally. And no one should hold the burden of changing anyone’s mind. It is an impossible task no matter how well your arguments are laid out.

The only obligation we hold is to ourselves. Be true to your personal beliefs and let others do the same. The only solution we have to our differences is tolerance. The only relief we can hope for is the release of ecclesiastical expectations on each other. To each his own.

I am happy with me and I’m glad you are the same. And it does not matter to me how you got that way. You are happy because you are able to believe. And what more could anyone ask for? Love regardless of differences and your time will be much better spent.

Dexter Season 4 Finale
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I haven't been taking pictures lately... just for taking pictures' sake. I think I'll work on that.

I'm so sleepy this morning because I kept waking up last night from horrible nightmares. The only one I remember this morning is a nightmare involving the end of the world due to raptors. Stupid Jurassic Park. I watched it as a child and now I am fucking scarred for life.

The raptors in my dream could actually talk though, which wasn't as comical as one would think. It actually made them even more frightening.


Thanks for sharing unnamed525

Well I haven't updated in a while. I guess I don't feel like I have too many interesting things to say lately. Maybe I'm growing out of livejournal? Idk.

Matt and I are doing well. I should post pictures of our vacation. I guess I'll do that.

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We went to Tybee Island on our 4 day vacation at the end of March. It was fun. We stayed at the Ocean Plaza. I recommend it. The restaurant at Ocean Plaza is pretty amazing. The view of the beach is insane.

We've been doing pretty good. Matt's doing well in school. I'm...well I'm working. I need to work on some art projects, but I haven't really felt that inspired lately. Ugh. I need to get out of the funk. If you have any advice on how I should go about that feel free.

I have two weddings to shoot coming up this fall. I'm getting ready for that.

I've been listening to some pretty dumb music lately. But it makes me happy. Current songs open on winamp:

"Bedrock" - Lil Wayne Ft. Gudda
"Calabria 2006" - Enur
"Get Low" - Flo Rida ft. T-Pain
"All The Way Turnt Up" - Roscoe Dash
"Sexy Bitch" - David Gutta Ft. Akon
"Kiss Me Thru The Phone" - Soulja Boy
"Swing" - Savage ft. Soulja Boy
"Take Your Shirt Off" - T-Pain
"Shake" - Ying Yang Twins ft. Pitbull
"My Love" - Justin Timberlake Ft. TI
"Beautiful" - Akon
"Dangerous" - Akon ft. Kardinal Offshall

(Like I said stupid.)

For some reason I can't listen to serious music much lately. I dunno. I used to listen to all kinds of "deep-ish shit." In highschool I was so hardcore lol. I don't know what you would really call it. Tool, NIN, blah blah from there. I still listen to the Shins once in a while. I think I shinned myself out though. Maybe a couple of months ago I was into Eryka Badu, Common, The Neptunes, Iron and Wine, Ryan Adams, Nick Drake, etc... All kinds of stuff. Lately... it's all gotten really dumb. But I enjoy music that doesn't promote thinking lately.

I think all the thought provoking music and art killed my brain.

I'm sorry intellect.

ima bee copy
P.S. I made a desktop because I was bored.

The Keurig craze, Expense vs. fad
I work at a large department store. I've seen people buy these Keurig coffee brewers and expensive K-Cup boxes of coffee daily. It's a single cup brewer. It can brew a cup of coffee in about 20 to 60 seconds.

I'm sure it's a neat thing to have, but I hear people justify their expense by saying that it's saving them money in the long run. They often use the excuse that their spouse has to drink decaf and they like to drink regular, so it's less expensive to get this brewer so that they can both have their coffee, not be wasteful of their coffee, and save on cost.

In reality however it's far more expensive to buy a Keurig coffee brewer and the coffee varieties that are specifically made for it. If you drink coffee daily, which I would hope you would if you were going to buy this expensive piece of machinery, then it's not really worth the cost.

My coffee expenses in one year:

$4 bag of coffee purchased twice a month($8) for 12 months - $96
Keep in mind now, every day we brew enough for us to each have 2 or 3 cups of coffee.
My coffee pot cost $30 and I've had it for 5 years.
(It's still going strong, fingers crossed.)

My coffee filters cost about $1.12 and there are 200 filters in a pack!

So basically my cost for coffee is $100 a year. And this budget is for both my husband and I drinking the coffee. Not a single cup either! We both drink one or two cups daily!

The Keurig coffee drinker's expenses in one year:

$10.69 for a box of the Keurig coffee, it holds 18 cups worth.
So basically it cost 59 cents for a cup of Keurig coffee.
Doesn't sound like much huh? Well...
For one person to drink ONE CUP of this coffee, daily, for one month it will cost about $17.82
Double that for two people drinking it - $35.63 cents a month.
For one person to drink one cup, daily, of Keurig coffee per year the cost is - $213.80
For two people to drink one cup, daily, of Keyrug coffee per year the cost is - $427.60

And that's not including the coffee pot!

The average cost of a keurig coffee pot is - $109

If you'd like to try and cut your cost for your Keurig brewer and use your own coffee you have to buy special filters that cost $24.99 for a 6 piece set. Or you can buy the metal reusable one for $22.99.

Still... that's twenty times the cost of regular coffee filters for a regular coffee pot.

There are options for the family that wants a single cup coffee machine! West Bend makes a single cup brewer that you can buy on amazon.com for only $20! And you can use your regular coffee choice, tea, etc... You don't have to buy expensive specialized little cups or filters!

Also, it's not convenient. I have several customers who leave the store frustrated because they cannot find the coffee they want or cannot find the filter they need for this coffee pot. Not every store sells the coffee and apparel for these coffee makers. When the coffee and filters cannot be found in stores, Keurig consumers have to order them on-line, which means they have to wait days before they can use their coffee pot and they also have the extra expense of shipping and handling.

Not to mention that this brewer promotes waste! Each little serving of Keurig coffee is packaged in a plastic cup that ends up in your trash daily!

I've come to the conclusion that in the coffee drinker's world it is far less costly to use a regular coffee pot or regular single cup brewer than it is to go with the Keurig trend. I believe that this coffee trend is just that...a trend. It serves as a status symbol. "Look at how much money I can waste on an expensive machine and it's specialized apparel." In the end, you don't look smarter, you're not saving time or effort, you're being just as wasteful (maybe more so), and you're certainly not saving your money.

Pictures of snow in GA!

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It's snowing in south Georgia!

I haven't seen snow in south GA since I was like 6 years old.

Honesty & trusting... to a fault?
I try to stand up for myself when I can. But sometimes I'm caught off guard. Sometimes I feel like I'm a little too trusting and nice to people.

At times I wish I could just loose this "nice girl" tendency. But I don't know. I guess it's better to be too nice and too honest then to just be completely jaded. But when someone is an idiot or takes advantage of my "niceness" I will hold that grudge forever.

For instance: in the 5th grade I was at lunch with the rest of the 5th grade class. I guess everyone was too loud at lunch so our math teacher, Mr. Taylor, started yelling at us and told us the rest of the lunch period had to be dead silent. He said that anyone who spoke would get a paddling.

Well I'm standing in line and a girl skips me. I literally whispered, "no skipping." And that was it. Mr. Taylor didn't even hear me. Well apparently someone did because later that day Mr. Taylor went around to each class and rounded up the "talkers." He burst through my classroom door and said, "Laura did you talk at lunch!?" I should have just said no, but at the time I figured technically I did so I said, "Yes, but...." Before I could even fucking tell him what it was about he said, "NO! OUTSIDE IN THE HALL NOW!" I had never actually been paddled before. I was pretty much a good kid.

While being paddled might not seem like a big deal to some... it was huge for me. I probably cried for a sold hour after. I was just a kid, but I understood the lack of logic in this punishment. We were on quite time because things were too loud. Well I fucking whispered in my own defense. This man, this teacher, this authority figure, didn't even hear me when it happened. Someone fucking snitched. The purpose of the punishment was to make things more quiet. Well I was quiet.

To this day I hold a grudge against Mr. Taylor. I don't know who snitched, but they were just a child. Mr. Taylor was a grown man who should have known better. I still hope he gets in a hideous car crash. What an asshole. And if I ever see him again, you'd better believe I'll remind him of that situation... and tell him what a douche bag he is.

Life lesson # 3,456.... Kids, adults are not always right. Stick up for yourself when needed.