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High school reunion whatever.
So I guess my 10 year high school reunion is coming up... Ugh... that just sounds horrible. (insert giant fart noise here) No thank you.

I dunno. Maybe I'm apathetic to this entire idea because about half the kids I hung out with were a year or two ahead of me... so I dunno. I mean there were some legit cool people in my class and I hope those people are doing well, but I don't care to see any of my high school class mates again. I mean I still talk to all the people I care about from high school. So why the fuck would I care to see any of those other douche bags again?

All I know is my email is being spammed to death with high school reunion stuff right now. And to be honest I don't care for it.

Maybe I should care about stuff like this? I dunno... well... I don't.

I care that I don't care though. Like maybe there is something wrong with me for not being all excited to go to something like this... I just find myself sighing and rolling my eyes about it though... HAHA! Like some sort of teenager who doesn't want to go to class. Whatever.

Now if we have a 60 or 70 year high school reunion... then I'd show up to see that giant crap fest. That would be awesome.

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I never understood the excitement about high school reunions. Since most people do keep in contact with their friends, I feel that most people go just to spy. To compare their lives to everyone elses, see how everyone is doing and if you're doing better. It just seems trite.

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