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Dexter Season 4 Finale

Ding dong the bitch is dead! I gotta say. I was so confused. I could never really tell if the writers wanted us to like Rita or hate her. After watching her death scene it was obvious we were supposed to like her. Which makes no sense because Rita was a delusional, selfish, self centered, drama queen, annoying-voiced, horrible cunt. Her character ALWAYS pissed me off. I think mainly because she was a complete stereotype. Now I understand that no one has ever claimed Rita to be perfect. In fact that's exactly why Dexter chose her. Since Rita was so flawed then maybe she wouldn't recognize Dexter's flaws. Well too bad Rita's flaws were more annoying then the flaws of a fucking serial killer!!!

I'm sorry, but it was obvious in season 4 that Rita wasn't working. Now there's nothing wrong with that. Being a full time mother, house keeper, and home maker is a hard fucking job. But if you're a house wife then you should do that job well. Dexter has his own fucking job with crime investigation. He's goddamn busy. But on top of his job, Dexter ends up doing Rita's job half the time too.

"Dexter the baby's sick, stop doing your job and go get medicine." Well bitch you have legs and a fucking car right? Well pile the kids in the damn car and take them with you to go get the baby's medicine.

"Dexter the baby won't go to sleep, stop working and sing him to sleep right now." Damn woman! You already have two fucking kids from your last venture into unsuccessful marriage. Shouldn't you know how to put a kid to sleep by now!? Or are you just so lazy and impatient that you have to bother your husband at work to do your goddamn job!?

"I don't understand why Dexter still has his old apartment. I thought once we got married he would change." The above statement is the reason why I hate Rita's character the most. Women trying to change men. Instead of just talking about issues and problems they've gotta change them or get mad at them for being the way that they are. Rather than say, "well honey if you need space for your privacy and stuff why don't we build a shed or a basement?" she has to drag Dexter to fucking therapy. Instead of taking the goddamn time to truly think about what she wants she just says, "lets just talk," and then when Dexter doesn't really know what to say she gets all pissed off at him. Ridiculous!

And the issue of her last marriage. It was an abusive relationship. Her husband beat her and raped her. And what!? Oh yeah she stays with him for fucking ages. WHY!? Horrible things happen to good people. But if you are so insecure that you are willing to stay in a relationship where you are beaten and raped then maybe that's what you deserve. Even a dog knows when to fight back. So if you don't like being insecure and abused then maybe you should stop being a drama queen and get the hell out of that relationship. The minute a person lays their hands on you in an abusive manner then you should pick up a goddamn baseball bat and go to town on their ass. Hit back for once. And let them know that, that behavior is not acceptable what-so-ever.

I could go on and on about the many reasons I hated Rita's character. But I guess if I had to put it all in a nutshell then I'd say: I hate Rita because she is a stereotype of the overly emotion driven woman who craves attention to the point of being absolutely needy. She's weak and insecure. And she defines herself on the success of her relationships with men.

And given all that... we're truly supposed to like Rita!?

Now I know it's wrong for me to be happy that her character died. Her character leaves behind 3 children and a husband. I feel bad for her children. I feel bad for Dexter. But no... I do not feel bad for Rita. Given Rita's constant mental state of absolute insecurity and "retardedness," I believe being dead is the best thing for Rita and the fans of this show. We can all at least have the satisfaction that there will be one less female stereotype on television.