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Pictures of snow in GA!


This dog was having a blast!


This is one of my favorite pictures of the snow.

Our freezing cold little cars!

No it's not October, but I left my little ceramic pumpkin out anyway. Leave me alone, I like him :)

Another favorite. I love how the trees look when it snows!

It may not be a lot of snow for you people up north, but keep in mind this is the dirty south. It doesn't happen for us often. So let us have our fun! It hasn't snowed like this for us since 1989.



Another favorite.

We made a tiny snow man. It was too cold to make a big one.




We got a good two inches at least!

Here are the pictures I took last night when the snow was still falling!






My poor frozen little car.



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Gorgeous! I got some pictures of the snow in Georgia around Aaron's house. We had to leave to go back to Tallahassee about halfway through it snowing, but we still got some cute ones. They are the first bit in this album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2052416&id=1420577009&l=cbe6816848

I love your pictures. Your favorites were also mine. :]

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